About Mark Porter

Introducing Mark Porter, the driving force behind Indy Flat-Tax, now known as Porter’s Tax Service—an accomplished tax professional with a commitment to serving others and ensuring financial well-being.

Mark Porter began his tax journey in October 2006 when he founded Indy Flat-Tax, which he later rebranded as Porter’s Tax Service in May 2023. His path to becoming a seasoned tax professional was forged during his years of dedicated service in the United States Navy.

Mark’s journey into the world of taxes began in 1989 when he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Recognizing the need for accessible tax assistance within the military community, he delved into tax courses and classes focused on military personnel’s unique tax needs. In 1991, Mark took it upon himself to provide free tax assistance to fellow Navy members, sparing them from the burden of hefty fees charged by big tax companies.

His commitment to excellence earned him an Associate’s degree in accounting with a major in taxes from Kelsey Jenny College in 1995. Mark continued to serve his country, accumulating 17 years of naval experience, including deployments to international destinations like Hong Kong, Singapore, Africa, and Hawaii. His exceptional service earned him five Navy Achievement Medals and six Good Conduct Awards, also serving during Desert Storm.

In June 2006, after his distinguished military career, Mark transitioned to civilian life, returning to his hometown of Indianapolis, IN. It was there that he founded his own tax business, marking the inception of what would eventually be Porter’s Tax Service. Over the years, Mark lent his expertise to renowned organizations such as Rolls Royce, Anthem Insurance Company, Roche, and his current position at Cummins in South Carolina.

Mark’s dedication to staying updated with industry trends and changes is unfaltering. He is a registered tax professional in the state of South Carolina and with the IRS, holding a PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number) for verification. Each year, he invests in his knowledge by completing a tax course, amassing 27 CE credit hours.

For Mark, taxes are not just numbers; they’re an exciting puzzle to solve. He derives immense satisfaction from helping individuals maximize their refunds and assisting those in tax debt to establish manageable payment plans with the IRS. Mark is equally passionate about educating clients on IRS operations and compliance, ensuring everyone stays within the guidelines.

After residing in Indianapolis from 2006 to April 2023, Mark’s career led him to Charleston, South Carolina. His commitment to accessibility remains strong, as he believes in helping clients who cannot afford exorbitant tax preparation fees.

Mark Porter’s interests extend far beyond taxes. He enjoys fixing computers, shooting hoops on the basketball court, taking leisurely walks, and exploring the culinary scene in his spare time. He is a proud father of two young men, aged 23 and 21, and shares his life with his loyal canine companion, Blue.

In addition to his tax expertise, Mark is actively involved as a minister in his church, embodying the spirit of service in various aspects of his life. Porter’s Tax Service believes in giving back by providing free tax assistance to senior citizens.

Mark Porter’s journey from the military to corporate excellence, combined with his passion for taxes and unwavering commitment to helping others, makes him a trusted and respected figure in the tax industry. Whether you’re an individual taxpayer or a small business owner, Mark Porter is the professional you can rely on for expert guidance and support in navigating the intricate world of taxes.


Mark Porter


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